Monday, November 16, 2009

Dorm Life

During these days when our school is shut down because of the swine flu, faculty are helping out in the different residences in order to give the dorm staff a bit of a reprieve. Tim and I were at Palmgarten dorm for about six hours today and had a great time with the girls. There are only a couple of students in each residence who are still running fevers, so we trust that the worst is behind us.
Here are two lovely Palmies who were in quarantine and so we delivered "Meals on Wheels" to their bedroom.

Jessica and Jessica giving the dorm dog a "bath" after they all got muddy from playing tackle football outside on a warm but rainy day.

Talking to Naomi, an ocean away. Naomi graduated from BFA last June and is a former resident of Palmgarten.

Palmgarten dorm recently hosted an open house with a very creative music theme. Here, Lizzy is helping me make caramel popcorn for the event.

Palmgarten staff dressed up for the occasion!

Visitors to the open house.

A weekend visit from her mom makes Krystal, a Palmgarten girl, very happy!


Jesse and Doris Frank said...

Sandee...I LOVE the sheep picture. I tried to take one of them one day and they would not co-operate! Dumb sheep! Anyway, it is a great shot!

Sandee Shuman said...

I guess my sheep were in a good mood - maybe because the sun was shining! They were rather photogenic, weren't they?!