Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Even though we don't live in Germany anymore, I have been wanting to post this because I think its pretty cool the way this farmer transports his cattle! Much easier than loading them on a truck or trailer, especially when you are only moving them short distances. He drives very slowly, so its like a moving fence.
I had seen him in the past going through town but did not have my camera with me. Then just before we left Germany, I saw him coming near our house and was excited to have my camera. He seemed pretty happy, too, to get his picture taken!

Seen in Ohio

Tim's sister, Cheri, has been seeing this license plate in her neighborhood in Ohio and has been trying for a long time to capture it on camera. She finally succeeded and sent us the picture today! We wish we could meet this family!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

O Happy Day!

Our container arrived yesterday morning after a very long journey! It was a welcome sight to see it again after six weeks. It was also very strange to think of the route it traveled - a truck to the Rhine River in Switzerland, a barge to Rotterdam in Holland, a ship across the Atlantic to the port of Houston, Texas, a train from Texas through Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Illinois, Nebraska, Kansas, and finally Colorado (I think I got all those States right!), and then a truck from Denver to our door!
We took this picture in Germany after the container was loaded and just before the doors were shut.

The container was sealed after the doors were shut. We were told the seal would not be broken until the container arrived at our home in Colorado.

The loaded container before it left our house in Germany.

The arrival of our container in Colorado Springs.

Ouray Creek Pt - this is our new street address in the Springs.

After the container arrived yesterday morning, the trucker broke the seal and handed it to Tim.

We were so relieved when the doors were opened, to see that everything was still intact, a big answer to prayer!

Unloading in front of our new house.

I "supervised" the unloading by telling our crew where to take the boxes. Every single item/box had to be numbered for insurance purposes.

Empty! It took less than an hour thanks to an amazing crew of hard workers.

The empty container leaving our house. I wonder what journey it will take next!

Boxes everywhere! We have our work cut out for us for the next while!

Part of the team who helped us. Thanks to all of you! What a huge blessing you are to us!
Steve, beside Tim, is a former BFA student, and Don, second from right is a former BFA staff member. The other two gentlemen are C&MA colleagues.

Hours spent unpacking in the kitchen - still not done.

It is beginning to look a little bit like home!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Broadmoor

Yesterday Tim and I were invited to lunch at The Broadmoor , a five star hotel and luxury resort in Colorado Springs. We spent a long time just touring the grounds and different facilities, which include an immaculate golf course, 9 restaurants, shops, and beautifully manicured gardens.

Beautiful arrangements of fresh flowers throughout the hotel complexes.

New friends, Dean and Jan.

Tim hopes that I become rich and famous so he can golf here.

Monday, August 09, 2010

Tim's new office

Tim is slowly getting his new office set up. He received this beautiful chair as a farewell gift from his leadership team at BFA. It was delivered to his workplace last week.

Here is the Director of International Services in his office! Notice....no tie - very sad! Class of 2010, we're trying to think of a creative way to display your ties in Mr. Shuman's office! Any suggestions?!

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Green Mountain Falls

This morning we took a 40 minute drive up into the mountains to Green Mountain Falls, a wonderful little town that happened to be throwing a party called Bronc Days. There were contests for kids of all ages, a craft market, and plenty of food. We walked around town for awhile and then went on a long hike to a waterfall that was above the town. The views from higher up were amazing! We can't wait to hike some more in the weeks to come!

Storm rolling into town on the way home.