Sunday, February 24, 2013


Tim is returning tonight from a week in Korea. While there, he visited 3 ACSI schools and also attended a Korean teacher's conference at SUNY - The State University of New York.
Incheon airport in Suwon.

Amazing food cooked on a wood BBQ.

 Suwon Central Christian Academy

Tim with Joseph and Enny, the Headmaster and his wife, at Suwon Central Christian Academy.

Billy Kim is the "Billy Graham" of Korea. He pastors a large church in Seoul.

Billy Kim preaching alongside Billy Graham.

Sights and sounds of Korea.

A closed in driving range.

These trees are wrapped with straw "from head to toe"  in the winter to protect them from the cold!

Highrise apartments under construction.

Campus of SUNY - The State University of New York. This campus is brand new and very large. It just opened and has only 100 students.

The campus is so new, that it is like a ghost town. You can see a whole city is laid out ready to be built.

Residence hall on campus (where Tim stayed).

One of the main lecture halls.


Fancy toilet in dorm room (only a plumber would post this)!

Korean teacher's conference that Tim attended and spoke at.

Alison is a teacher at SCCA and attended the teacher's conference. She is a BFA alumnus and a friend of Luke's from Taylor University.

Korean breakfast!

Korean Lunch

More of SUNY. How does one play soccer on a slanted field?!

Brand new computers at SUNY. Still have the cellophane wrapping on them!

These students from Suwon Central Christian Academy performed at the teacher's conference.  They travel to different parts of the world and perform. They are amazing! They visited Colorado Springs a year ago and we got to see them.

Several hours drive from Seoul - Taejon Christian International School

 Science lab.

Golf course beside the school.

Student residence overlooking a soccer field. Not bad!

More Korean awesomeness!

Kimmy, one of our very special BFA graduates, met up with Tim and they had a great time catching up.

A very special gift from Kimmy and her parents. It took Kimmy a long time to find the store that sold these very special rice cakes, but she really wanted to get this unique and beautifully packaged gift for us! Thank-you, Kim family! Can't wait to try them!

Last stop - Gyeonggi Suwon International School.

Tim attended church at this school on Sunday morning.

Good-bye, Korea!

Happy Birthday to my twin!

........and much indebtedness to my big sister for loving on us all these years!