Saturday, June 30, 2012

Beautiful Waldo Canyon

The Colorado Springs fire has been dubbed the Waldo Canyon fire because that is where the fire started last Saturday morning. Waldo Canyon is just west of the Springs and is one of our favorite hiking spots. It is a beautiful hiking trail that is approximately 7 miles long. It isn't beautiful anymore following the devastation this week, but it will be beautiful again someday. God creates beauty from ashes in human lives as well as in nature!

What a week......

Our dearest friends here in Colorado Springs - Sam and Jane - thought they had lost their home in Tuesday night's firestorm. However, on Thursday they received a miracle phone call telling them that their house was still standing. You can see it in the very middle of this picture. It is the fourth house from the left in the row of gray roofs (in the group of seven houses that are in a semi circle). All of the gray spots show homes that were destroyed. On Thursday when Sam called me, I immediately started crying because Tim and I were grieving their loss with them. Sam told me that I had to stop crying - that he had some news to tell me. Then he told me that their house had been spared. Truly a miracle when you see how so much property burned around them (Photo Credit - John Wark, pilot and aerial photographer)

 Our friends, Scott and Fiona, graduates of BFA, lived in this neighborhood in their parent's home. It was completely leveled in the fire as were most of the other townhouses in their development. This is just down the street from street from Sam and Jane (Photo Credit - John Wark)

 Tuesday night's firestorm that came rushing down the mountain and destroyed 346 homes. Wind gusts were up to 65 mph (Photo Credit - Helen Richardson)

 Photo Credit - Helen Richardson

 Photo Credit - Gaylon Wampler

 Photo Credit - Helen Richardson 

Photo Credit - Helen Richardson 

Tuesday nights mass evacuation. 32,000 people were evacuated altogether over the course of the last six days. We (Luke and I) evacuated late Tuesday night, but were able to come back home on Wednesday. Our house was so close to the mandatory evacuation zone that we did a voluntary evacuation (Photo Credit - Helen Richardson)

 Evacuation (Photo Credit - Helen Richardson)

 Mountain on fire (Photo Credit - Helen Richardson)

Rampart Reservoir where Tim and I have gone hiking (Photo Credit - John Wark)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Aerials of the Fire - Colorado Springs

Photo Credit - John Wark

 Photo Credit - John Skiba

Photo Credit - John Skiba

Flying W Ranch

Earlier this spring I posted the following pictures of Cowboy Church at Flying W Ranch in Colorado Springs. Flying W Ranch is a tourist attraction and an iconic landmark in the city that has been here for many years.

The ranch was destroyed in the fire two nights ago. This aerial shows the devastation.They were able to get the cattle from the ranch out in time.

Bright Hope for Tomorrow

‎"Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow" was what came to my mind when we witnessed this incredible sunset last night. And today did bring hope for firefighters. It was a great day for them weather-wise. Clouds, higher humidity, a few showers, and little wind. Fire is now 15% contained.


No words..........

This video is hard to watch, but it is for real. 346 homes have been completely destroyed. Others have smoke, heat, and water damage.
Please keep praying for our city! And pray for our firefighters who are working so tirelessly. So far no lives have been lost.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Fire Today

Fire continues to grow. Thankfully no homes lost so far. Grateful for our amazing firefighters. Thanks for your continued prayers (First two pictures taken at sunset tonight. Last three pictures taken around 4:00 pm this afternoon)

Fiery Sunset

Spectacular sunset last night caused by the wildfires. The yellow looks like fire, but its not. It is the sun setting with smoke and haze in front of it.


Later in the evening Luke and I walked to a high point near our house overlooking the city to take pictures of the fire by night, but thankfully it had momentarily calmed down. I took this picture of the city. It didn't turn out, but still looks kind of cool!


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Wild Fires

A wildfire started yesterday afternoon in the mountains just west of Colorado Springs and very quickly spread because of the extremely dry conditions that we are experiencing. The wind fueled the fire and it quickly grew overnight, and has been worse today. Approximately 11,000 people have had to evacuate. I prepared items this morning, so that we are ready if we get the call to leave.
Please pray for God's protection over our city. Pray for rain. We desperately need it!
(First two pictures were taken yesterday - the rest were taken today. You can see how the fire has spread. These pictures were taken from our house)