Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Good Times on Memorial Day

So nice to have a "day off" yesterday! Tim and I went on a 15 mile bike ride in the morning, and then we invited our friend Todd for a BBQ. When we invited Todd, we didn't know that he is a "master chef". He took over the grill and gave us some great tips! Thanks, Todd, for cooking dinner for us!


We bought some fresh pineapple on a great sale yesterday. We found a recipe for grilling pineapple, which included basting it several times with a maple syrup butter sauce, and we decided to give it a try. It tasted pretty amazing! We will definitely do this again.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Spring on the Farm

Look what's happening on my brother Dan's farm in Saskatchewan. A sure sign that spring is in the air!
(Photo credits - Dan)

Cowboy Church

Today we went to cowboy church. It was awesome! It is not your typical church. Everyone sits on benches at picnic tables (indoors). We sang mostly hymns (which I loved). The preaching was very down to earth. Tim captured a few shots on his iphone.
Note the cool cross made out of horseshoes, and the podium with horseshoes on the bottom.

Saturday morning hike to Waldo Canyon

Our hike yesterday, just 20 minutes from our house, was spectacular. So many spring flowers in the mountain meadows. We hiked Waldo Canyon which is an approximate 6 mile loop.

This squirrel was "giving us the berries"! She did not like that we had invaded her territory.  She must have had babies somewhere close by that she was determined to protect.

Lots of uphill on this hike. A great view of Pike's peak was our reward.


 Yucca plant about to bloom.

Friday, May 25, 2012

United States Air Force Thunderbirds

USAF Thunderbirds perform at USAFA graduation. Spectacular!
(I posted too many pictures, I know! Just scroll through them really fast!)

The stadium had a big screen on which we were able to watch several of the pilots inside their cockpits. Amazing!