Saturday, August 29, 2009

Evening Bike Ride

Double click on picture to see a better image.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back to school!

BFA is back in session! This morning we had our opening ceremony. This includes a number of yearly traditions - the parade of the flags carried by the senior class......

a challenge given by the student body president.....

Tim interviewing each of the first graders.........

and then an opening address by the Director. This year Tim told the story of Eddie Rickenbacker, an American fighter ace in WW 1 and a pioneer in air transportation.

Monday, August 24, 2009

The best of Texas - Part II

During my time in Texas I was able to get away for several hours one afternoon to visit some dear friends of ours, the Fosters. Ken and Marilyn are former BFA staff who are deeply loved by many. I visited them in the hospital where Ken was recovering following treatment for lung cancer. We had a short but wonderful visit together.

This isn't exactly the best of Texas but I thought it was rather hilarious when I drove past it, so I had to turn around and go back to take some pictures! I saw this building in the same town where the hospital was. I like the sign. I'm glad they've moved, aren't you?!

The best of Texas

The best part of my time in Texas was the those moments spent with people (Tyler of course!) - meeting new friends and connecting with old BFA friends.
Tyler's and my last meal together before I left to come back to Germany.

Tyler and his roommate, Nathan.

Deena, from Tyler's class at BFA, and her parents. Deena is also a freshman at LeTourneau.

Eveline is a graduate of BFA. Back in the '80's she was one of the girls in my dorm when I was an R.A.

Craig and Eveline and their awesome kids! They live in Dallas, which is where Tyler and I flew in to. They were very generous in letting us borrow their minivan for our trip to Longview where LeTourneau is located (2-1/2 hours east of Dallas). This was a wonderful provision for Tyler and I!

Eveline and I both share the same maiden name. Too bad we're not related!

One of the families who was leaving their son at college.

Tyler meeting with his advisor to get his class schedule set up.

Carlton works with student relations and has a heart for MK's.

Some of the new international students.

Koreans have great table games that require nothing but a sharp mind (and sometimes your hands!). I played at one table with students from Haiti, Nigeria, Vietnam, and Korea. Very interesting and a whole lot of fun!

Emmy from Haiti and Jane from Vietnam

Cool story!

This is not a good picture because it was taken through a trophy window. There is a great story behind this though, so I have to share it with you!
The Loening trophy is presented annually to the outstanding all-around collegiate aviation program in the nation. Dr. Loening, the first aeronautical engineer for the Wright brothers, asked Charles Lindbergh and Amelia Earhart to judge the first competition. This original trophy is still awarded today and is considered the most prestigious of awards at the annual SAFECON competition. It represents the benchmark for the most outstanding collegiate program.
This year LeTourneau competed at SAFECON against 28 teams and they won - against schools such as Embry Riddle, The U.S. Air Force Academy and Kent State University (Tim's alma mater)!
The actual trophy is kept at the Seattle Museum of Flight. LeTourneau was given a take-home trophy.
So, that means that LeTourneau is currently #1 in the U.S. for collegiate flight schools!

LeTourneau airport

LeTourneau just built a brand new airport building and most of Tyler's aviation classes will be held there. It is an approximate 15 minute drive from campus. It really is an amazing place! Pretty exciting for the Freshmen aviation majors who took the tour!

Flight simulator

Another flight simulator

These LeTourneau planes are retired, but the flight students use them as models to work on.

Some of Tyler's new friends and fellow flight students - from Singapore, Japan, and India.

Someday Tyler will fly this plane! LeTourneau just purchased two brand new Canadian planes! They are being flown down from London, Ontario, next Wednesday so I didn't get to see them.

LeTourneau - Part III

LeTourneau has a beautiful campus. Here's a mini tour!

We saw a lot of these trees with bright pink blossoms - don't know what they are but very pretty!

I love this statue. It is called "Servant" and is based on the verse in Matthew that says, "Whoever wants to become great among you must be a servant."

New auditorium/ is huge and very beautiful.

Inside the chapel.

New cafeteria and dining hall that just recently opened.

The lounge of the newest guys' dorm - reminded me of a hotel lobby!

The campus by night