Monday, August 24, 2009

The best of Texas

The best part of my time in Texas was the those moments spent with people (Tyler of course!) - meeting new friends and connecting with old BFA friends.
Tyler's and my last meal together before I left to come back to Germany.

Tyler and his roommate, Nathan.

Deena, from Tyler's class at BFA, and her parents. Deena is also a freshman at LeTourneau.

Eveline is a graduate of BFA. Back in the '80's she was one of the girls in my dorm when I was an R.A.

Craig and Eveline and their awesome kids! They live in Dallas, which is where Tyler and I flew in to. They were very generous in letting us borrow their minivan for our trip to Longview where LeTourneau is located (2-1/2 hours east of Dallas). This was a wonderful provision for Tyler and I!

Eveline and I both share the same maiden name. Too bad we're not related!

One of the families who was leaving their son at college.

Tyler meeting with his advisor to get his class schedule set up.

Carlton works with student relations and has a heart for MK's.

Some of the new international students.

Koreans have great table games that require nothing but a sharp mind (and sometimes your hands!). I played at one table with students from Haiti, Nigeria, Vietnam, and Korea. Very interesting and a whole lot of fun!

Emmy from Haiti and Jane from Vietnam

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