Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday hike

Today I decided to visit some "old haunts" while I was out walking. This cluster of buildings is where BFA has one of our guys' dorms, Haus Bad Riedlingen. Tim was an resident assistant at this dorm before we were married.

Many flowers along the way!

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This is the village where I lived for 6 years before marrying Tim. During that time I was an RA at Storchenblick, one of BFA's residences(it is the white house to the left of the church)

Vineyards above Holzen

Storks nesting on church steeple

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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Paul Simon in (Pre)Concert

This afternoon we were walking the streets of Lorrach and stopped to watch a sound check for a Paul Simon concert tonight. I jokingly said to Luke, "Maybe Paul Simon will come out on stage and perform for us!" Luke's reply: "Wait a minute! That IS Paul Simon!" So we listened to him and his band for approximately 30 minutes! Free mini concert! Awesome!

To see a short video clip visit Tim's blog here.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Early morning walk

Doesn't this trail look inviting?!

View coming out of the forest

Sitzenkirch is a small village approximately 3 km. from Kandern. I walked through the woods to get to it this morning. This is where Tim and I lived many years ago when we were first married.

Almost anywhere you look around here, you see flowers.
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Beautiful Kandern

We live in(a portion of) the house with the two gable windows
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The dog days of summer

What does this phrase mean anyway? Well, I checked out a very reliable source called Wikipedia and you should, too! Ha! Anyway, our dog is pretty hilarious don't you agree?

We wish that KD could go with Luke sometime when he travels back to his workplace in Roggwil, Switzerland, after spending the weekend with us. KD gets to sleep on Luke's bed whenever he comes home, so no wonder he is her favorite!
(KD didn't like being stuck in Luke's duffel bag. Right after the picture was taken she jumped out!)
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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Our Wohnung(apartment)....

We are enjoying our new apartment. We have only been living here for two days so far, so no pictures on the walls yet.

View from the loft


Very blue kitchen
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View from our balcony - golf course and clubhouse

Golf course

Putting green two minutes from our door

This house has 6 apartments; we live in one of them on the top floor.
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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

We have a new address!

As of yesterday we are now completely moved into our new apartment. It is much smaller but we love it! It is on the "sunny side" of town in a very quiet neighborhood. Our balcony overlooks the golf course where Tim can watch the action at the 17th hole!
Yesterday Luke discovered a new trail in the forest with a wonderful view of our golf course. He told me about it and so I had to find it for myself on a walk early this morning. Lots of climbing but here's the view I captured from the top. Our apartment is in the cluster of homes that you can barely see on the right-hand side of the photo below.

A closer view........

Farm in foreground, our street in the background......

Our house is the long house in the background. We live on the left side of the house - top floor(with all of the windows in the roof). Directly behind our house is Palmgarten, one of BFA's girls' residences.
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