Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tein Shan International School

Tim is currently 13 time zones away from me - in Almaty, Kazakhstan! He is on a consultation visit to Tein Shan International School. He will be there all week. Here are some pictures from his first day at work (along with some comments about the day....)
First picture..... me with Yuni Bang (former BFA student). She is now a senior. They have 16 in her graduating class. It was so great to see her again. It's been three years and she is all grown up.
These next pictures show you the school inside and out. It's BRAND new. They have only been in the building for 3 weeks so it's quite amazing. Very impressive.


Some shots on our drive back to the host home. Those above-ground pipes are gas LINES!!! They are freaking me out. All I could think of was what if a car slid into one of those poles?? Those pipes were all over the place and they follow the roads all over town. Amazing. And why would they snake them up and around the driveways? Why not make them straight across at a higher height and save on pipe? Crazy.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

This is worth reading!

Tim is in Almaty, Kazakhstan, after some very long flights yesterday and today. He sent an update while en route which I thought you might like to read. Sorry! No photos to post with this, but you should have no trouble "picturing" his adventures! This took place on his flight from DC to Frankfurt.....
Soon it was time to board the plane for Frankfurt. With my status I was able to get on board right away, find my seat, and "make my nest" in 23G - Economy Plus. Not business, but not bad. I like an aisle seat so I can get up and stretch my legs occasionally. As the boarding was coming to a close I thought for sure that I was going to have two seats open beside me, but right at the end a very classy couple came and sat beside me. I wasn't sure what was going on, but it seemed like they had gotten "bumped" down to economy from Business Class because right away another classy lady came bearing gifts for them (drinks and a visa card to "spend any way you like") and making conversation that seemed like she was apologizing and trying to make things right for this couple and hoping that everything would go well on the flight. At that moment I had assumed she was a "Purser" or customer service rep with United. She wasn't wearing the United uniform, but she seemed like she was in charge. Ok, no problem. I just felt bad for the couple cause they had to sit back with the rest of us regulars.

Well...about an hour and half into the flight, after the meal, etc. things were settling down for the night and it was going to be time to turn off the lights and sleep - and I was READY for that since I had taken a sleep aid just then. Well, right then that classy lady showed up again this time bearing gifts on a little tray for the couple. Two full wine glasses and other things (I don't know what). Well, just as she approached us and greeted the couple she bumped the seat or something and the red wine on her tray SPILLED right on to me!! It hit my company laptop, jeans and sweater. Oh brother! My laptop was closed, thank goodness, so I just tipped it over and let the wine run off, but my right leg was very wet from the wine!! Of course, the lady felt bad and was making all sorts of noises and wiping me off. Then it came out she was just a First Class passenger on the plane and was bringing stuff back to her friends beside me. She kept saying "what can I do for you? You name it, etc. etc." "Do you want a drink? Please, let me get you a drink! I can't move you to a better seat because I'm just a passenger." Well, I was kind, but also complaining a bit - and now thought she was just a ditz. why was she carrying wine in open glasses anyway??

Thank goodness an attendant came right away and stepped in. She expressed her concern and discussed options and what to do. Thankfully I had packed not only an extra pair of pants in my carry-on I also had some light weigh running pants. She brought me some "Club Soda" to use on my jeans and I headed to the bathroom. I changed and then soaked my pants (where the spill was) with the club soda. That really did the trick! My sweater only had a small spot of wine it - so it was ok.

The Attendant took my jeans, put them on a hanger and put them in First Class to dry. I never made it to first class but my jeans did!! When she brought them back they seemed happier and more relaxed than before! The Attendant gave me a coupon (an Inflight Personal Property Damage Claim) to pay for dry cleaning for the jeans and sweater. She also gave me a $150 voucher to use toward travel with United. Finally, she brought me a First Class blanket to make me feel better I guess. The blanket was QUITE nice I have to admit - better than the kind we usually get.

Finally, I was able to close my eyes and get some sleep. Next thing I knew it was time to wake up and have one of those stale breakfasts. On the way out of the plane I did notice Miss Wine Spiller standing at the doorway waiting for her friends. For a second I thought I might say something, but I figured "Nah" it wasn't worth it. I knew she would apologize over and over and I was fine really. 

Hiking in my favorite local park

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Luke's Christmas in Guatemala

We missed having Luke with us for Christmas this year, but we were happy that he could fly to Guatemala and spend Christmas with his girlfriend Andrea and her family (and extended family). It was an incredible adventure for him. He saw some amazing places and beautiful scenery. Here's a few snapshots from his trip.

I like the Target bag in Luke's hand! The group stayed in thatched "cabana" out in the rain forest during their "tour" of parts of Guatemala. 

A visit from Suwon Central Christian Academy

Yesterday at ACSI headquarters we were blessed to have a visiting children's choir from Suwon Central Christian Academy in Soeul, South Korea. These kids are amazing! Hearing them sing and seeing them perform, and getting hugs from them afterwards, made us miss our beloved BFA, where we have many Asian students. One of the group leaders from Suwon, Joseph K.(photo below) was on staff for a year at BFA and was a great blessing and encouragement to our school during that time. It was wonderful to connect with him yesterday. The 30 member choir is touring various cities in the U.S. during their winter break from school back in Korea.