Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Protesters make a scene at BFA!

On Monday morning Tim called me from school sounding rather serious and discouraged. He said, "Well, there are a bunch of students protesting at BFA this morning."
Protesting? What in the world are they protesting, I asked him? I was trying to imagine what they might be "marching" against.
Then he told me that it was Palmgarten dorm - the girls dorm where we sub at. They were protesting our leaving BFA! Check out their creative signs! Wow! This actually made Tim and I very sad. How can we leave this wonderful place?!
Each "protester" wore a tie around their heads to honor Tim who wears a tie almost everyday.

Double click on these pictures so you can read the signs more clearly.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

A perfect Sunday evening

This has been a great day! Tim and I went to our church in Basel, came home, had a quick lunch and then headed up to a beautiful meadow above our town where we can see a wonderful panoramic view looking into Switzerland to the south and France to the west. We talked and read and napped and enjoyed the incredible scenery.
Tonight as the sun was starting to set, I went for a long walk in the woods up to another spot above our town where the view is spectacular!
We are going to miss spring in Germany! We are surrounded by orchards and vineyards and forests and at this time of year it is, for me, breathtaking!

Spring Sports at BFA

Tim and I are experiencing a lot of lasts these days, including our last of many track and field meets that we have participated in over the years at BFA. Yesterday we hosted three DODDS (Department of Defense Dependents Schools) schools in track and one school in soccer. The weather couldn't have been better - sunny and warm but not too hot!

Soccer field in the foreground, castle ruins in the background!

The announcer at the track meet!

Cheering on BFA!

Star soccer player Jessica (on the right) scored a hat trick in yesterday's girls soccer game!