Sunday, July 25, 2010

Garden of the Gods

Tonight Tim and I went for a hike in Garden of the Gods, 12 miles from our house. WOW! That's all I have to say!

See the rock climber?

Cheyenne Mountain antennas in the background

More rock climbers.

Kissing Camels

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day 4 in Colorado

Tonight we went out for dinner to the home of some friends of ours. They live in the forest - literally! Beautiful! Took these pictures on the drive to their place (only 10 minutes drive from our house).

Amazing clouds! Beautiful sunset!

Several more pictures of where we live.

Our townhouse is the second one in, but you can't see it too well.

The back of our house - #10630 - open garage door.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Good-bye Germany, hello Colorado!

It's been awhile - I think you know why! We said good-bye to Germany on Tuesday of this week. We flew out of Basel on a beautiful sunny morning and were able to see the Alps and the beautiful Swiss and German countryside one last time from the air. This was a wonderful gift from the Lord to have such a clear day. I cried! We will miss what has been our home for so many years.

Downtown Chicago.

Former BFA staff and dear friends, Sam and Jane, warmly welcomed two very weary travelers (Tim and I) late Tuesday evening and hosted us in their beautiful home for two nights before we moved into our new home in Colorado Springs. They also helped to set up our home with a few essentials, so that we could move in while waiting for our container to arrive in mid August.
They had this banner made for us which was very humbling to see when we walked into our place.

They bought this beautiful pot of roses for us and did so much more to make us feel at home!

This is where we now call home! It is a beautiful townhouse that we are renting. It is close to Tim's workplace which is only 2-1/2 miles away.

Our car. The townhouses in the background are just like the one where we live.

The view we get to enjoy every time we leave our house.

Pikes Peak on the left side of the picture. Here in Colorado Springs the weather is amazing - sun most every day we're told. The clouds are also spectacular!

Regular visitors to Sam and Jane's house. We watched them from the balcony - they came right up to where we were standing!

Hummingbirds are also regular visitors at Sam and Jane's. Tim and I are planning to buy a hummingbird feeder, because we have been assured that they will come if we have the right feeder and colored water.

Here we are with Sam and Jane.

Another view from our street. We are blessed!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Last Day in Germany

On our last day in Germany we went up to Hochblauen, the mountain (not by Colorado standards, though!) that is 20 km. from Kandern. Then in the evening we went to one of our favorite spots overlooking Kandern just as the sun was setting. A wonderful last day! A wonderful last evening!

Walking to our favorite spot above Kandern.

Our house is in this picture.