Thursday, October 25, 2007

Out and about

I drove past this field of lettuce yesterday and had to stop to take a picture. The colors were so vibrant.

God's paintbrush!

Three of our sweet seniors at BFA - Ellen, Krista, and Rita
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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Friends and Family

On Friday night Esther and Bethany came over to watch a movie. We watched "Miss Potter" which I highly recommend. It is the biography of Beatrix Potter. Tim and Tyler really enjoyed it, too! Esther is a Sophomore at BFA and is in my small group. Bethany teaches in the Discovery Center.

Today the Muellers from Switzerland came to visit their daughters at BFA. They came to our home this afternoon for coffee. We had a wonderful visit and laughed a lot as Christa and Esther tried to teach Tim and I some Swiss German! Christa and Esther are in my small group and are truly a delight!

KD and her best bud.....
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Thursday, October 18, 2007

In the neighborhood....

This is our town. BFA is in the background....the building with the slanted roof and the one with the rounded roof. Our house is in the foreground. See the 3 townhouses in a row? We live in the one furthest away(and closest to the school).

Taken on a walk to the neighboring village of Sitzenkirch

On my way to Sitzenkirch!

Castle ruins above the village of Sitzenkirch
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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Paris and Normandy

Tyler has just returned from a weekend field trip with his 11th grade class(approx. 78 students). They were gone for 3 days visiting Paris and Normandy.

Notre Dame cathedral in Paris

Tyler and friends in front of Notre Dame

You have to push a little harder, Yoel!!
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Canadian memorial to honor the fallen on D-Day invasion

One of many bunkers

Tyler in front of war memorial in the American cemetary..."To these we owe the high resolve, the cause for which they died shall live"

Omaha Beach where so many soldiers lost their lives during the invasion on D-Day.
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Fall Craft Fair continued......

Fascinating wood carving!

Look closely at the etchings on this pottery.....
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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Holzen Crafts Fair

Sandee touring the crafts fair in Holzen, Germany. In the background is Storchenblick dorm. One of BFA's girls' dorms. Sandee lived in that house for 6 years as an Residence Assistant. Storchenblick is home to about 20 female MKs.

Some of the craft materials for sale.

This booth sold some really interesting smelling soaps. Our favorite was Orange-Cinnamon. One of the strangest was coffee-scented soap. Naw.
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