Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Last night we had bad storms with tons of rain and lightning. Tonight we had more rain and the most spectacular totally complete-from-horizon-to-horizon double rainbow! Thank you, God, for this awesome display of your greatness and power!

Monday, July 30, 2012


In my student sponsorship ministry at ACSI, I occasionally receive letters and cards from sponsors to their students. Recently I received a packet of hand written letters and "homemade" cards made by a second grade class here in the U.S. who sponsors a child in Guatemala. Their class had raised money for Jose by having a lemonade stand and a walkathon at their school.
I especially love this one very colorful and creative drawing which depicts the lemonade stand. Very detailed artwork for a second grader!

I have to proofread all mail before I can forward it. I love this letter written by one of the 2nd grade students.
Translation: "Dear Jose, I feel sorry that you don't have money, so we are going to send you money. Love, Jahsiah"


Baking up a storm today and was trying to decide what to do with leftover dough. I didn't want to make another cinnamon roll, so I decided to experiment and make a very long cinnamon twist. Now who in the world is going to eat it?!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Practicing being Gram and Grandpa

We got to babysit this little angel for a whole day! Isn't she a sweetheart?!
P.S. This post is NOT a hint of any kind of announcement, and I should clarify that we don't anticipate being grandparents anytime soon! :)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Oh beautiful for spacious skies.............

We saw a whole lot of spacious skies - miles and miles and miles  - on our drive to and from east Texas this past week. Beautiful! Reminded me a whole lot of Saskatchewan where I grew up. I have never seen so many power poles/lines!
P.S. These are all "drive-by" photos - taken while we were driving in the car - so they are not very clear (and some of them show our dirty windshield...).

 Sunrise in New Mexico.

Wind turbines near Dumas, TX.

This plane is not about to crash! This is a crop duster who provided great entertainment as we drove by!

And a beautiful Colorado sunrise to greet us after we got back home!

900 miles away......

Early last Tuesday morning (July 17 at 1:00 am to be exact!) we left Colorado Springs and drove for many (many) hours to east Texas, arriving in Longview around 7:00 pm Tuesday night where we were very happy and relieved to be at our journey's end and more importantly to be greeted by Tyler and Jennifer. So began a busy and fun wedding week.
On Wednesday and Thursday we were able to help Tyler and Jennifer move into their apartment (married student housing on the campus of LeTourneau University where they will both be seniors in the fall). Tim helped Ty and Jen put together some IKEA furniture including a dining room table. Luke had to work, but he was able to do so on his computer, and it was great just all being together.

Tyler and Jennifer's workplace

Tyler and Jennifer work at the box office at The Belcher Chapel and Performance Center on the campus of LeTourneau University, selling tickets, taking ticket orders over the phone (occasionally meeting famous people!), etc.. They gave us a tour and took us up to the top balcony, which is so high up that you literally start to feel dizzy! The Belcher hosts many well known artists including Riverdance, Fiddler on the Roof, Michael Bolton, John Tesh, Phil Keaggy, Shrek the Musical, etc.....
Here's a little blurb about the Center as well as a short video:
The S.E. Belcher Jr. Chapel and Performance Center is the premier performance center for the city of Longview, Texas, and surrounding communities. With world-class acoustics and staging, the center attracts shows that Longview residents would not be able to see without traveling many miles. The center also functions as LeTourneau University's chapel, providing LETU students with a place to gather together three times per week for incredible Christian speakers and music groups.
The S.E. Belcher Jr. Chapel and Performance Center opened in Fall 2007. Designed by professionals in architecture and theater design, the center features 1,400 seats on the ground level and another 600 seats in two, opera-style balconies. The building features a full working stage and orchestra lift, as well as prop and staging areas, dressing rooms, soundproofed rehearsal rooms, classrooms and offices. It is the largest single-building capital campaign in LeTourneau University's 63-year history. 


Where Tyler feels very much at home.......

Tyler gave us a tour of the section of LeTourneau airport where he spends a lot of time. He spoke from the control tower (simulated of course); that was really amazing to see him speak air traffic controller language and to see how comfortable he was doing so. He is very much in his element in front of the control panel. He even simulated a fire on the tarmac (which caused a great deal of concern to Luke!!).
In case you have ever wondered if planes have ignition keys......here's proof! Small planes do; commercial planes don't.

Tim is disobeying the rules and sitting in the cockpit.

Tyler simulated rain on the runway, and he also called in the firetrucks, but they sure took a long time to arrive on the scene! I think they were too late!