Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fall comes to Germany

Taken today while biking around our beautiful town!

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One month into school....

Tyler has been in school for one month. He is a Junior at BFA this fall. Here he is with his very good friend and classmate Yoel.
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One month into college....

Luke has been a college freshman for just over one month. He is sleep-deprived but doing well. He has a great work study - working as a lab assistant in the MAC computer lab in the Art department!
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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Cream of the crop!

There are approximately 25 new staff members at BFA this fall and last night we hosted them in our home for coffee and dessert. What a special group they are! We had a great time together.

Some of the new R.A.s(residence assistants)for our dorms

Samuel and Haesook who help care for our Asian students at BFA. We have 54 Asian students - they make up 15% of our student body!

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Pottery market comes to Kandern

Every year in the fall a huge pottery market comes to our town for a week-end. This year the weather was perfect for this outdoor event!

Amazing(and expensive!) creativity....

Noah's ark
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Vibrant colors!
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Friday, September 21, 2007

Fall Party at BFA

Here are some pictures from the fall party at BFA. This years' theme was movies and TV shows!

The royal family from "Shrek"


"Little Red Riding Hood"

"Hook" (Peter Pan)
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The cast from Sound of Music

Sound of Music

Christa and Esther (from my small group)

Administrators and their wives participated in one of the "skits"! Us ladies had to shave our husband's "head" which happened to be a balloon full of water held on top of their head! The plastic covering the floor was there for good reason!
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This is Tyler and the costume he made out of cardboard. He had to carry it to the stage and then put it on! He and his friends were portraying a movie that hasn't been released yet!!

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sandee's small group at BFA

Every year the student body at BFA(H.S.) is divided up into small groups which meet every Wednesday evening for fellowship, Bible study, prayer, etc... This year I am leading a group of beautiful 10th Grade ladies! All 5 of them are new to BFA this fall. They are amazing - that's all I have to say!!

Kyra from France, Christa from Switzerland, me, Esther from Switzerland, Anna from Kazakstan, Olivia from Portugal. Christa and Esther are sisters!

Anna, Kyra, Olivia, Christa, Esther.....
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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Chapel Banner and Theme

BFA's Chaplain, Sam Stemple, explains the new chapel theme and banner.