Monday, September 27, 2010

Sunday Drive - Part II

We visited two mountain towns on our Sunday drive - Victor and Cripple Creek. Victor is an old mining town. Cripple Creek attracts a lot of tourists.

Sunday Drive

Yesterday after church we took a very long (145 miles) and very "mountainous" drive into the Rockies. The scenery was spectacular, the fall colors breathtaking!

This stretch of graveled mountain road was quite an adventure - not for the fainthearted! Some parts were very narrow - room enough for one vehicle - and no guardrails between the road and the canyon below! We weren't sure what this sign meant, but it wasn't very encouraging!

At one point we drove to an elevation so high, that we were higher than the Schilthorn in Switzerland (Schilthorn is the highest point in the Bernese Alps)!

Golden aspens were brilliant against the dark green pine trees.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

A beautiful fall day in the Rockies

This morning Tim and I got up early and drove an hour and a half into the mountains to go hiking. The scenery was stunning! The aspens are turning color - fall is in the air!

Rampart Reservoir - This lake supplies water to Colorado Springs.

Unusual rock formations around the shore of this lake. How did these rocks get there? That's what we would like to know! It looks like they were strategically placed!

We were almost at 10,000 feet!

Landscape is so diverse! I took this picture from the left side of the road looking east...

and this shot from the right side looking west!