Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Kandern, my home town!

It is so good to be back in Kandern, the place we called home for most of our adult lives. After we arrived on Saturday morning, we took a short nap because we were feeling rather jet lagged! Later, we went for a hike which is very easy to do here! You can walk out your front door and find a trail within walking distance (one thing we really miss about Colorado - many wonderful trails in Co. Springs but we have to drive to find them).

It is cherry season right now in Germany!

Our trip to Europe - Part 1

Tim and I are back "home" in Germany for a short visit. Tim was invited to speak at Black Forest Academy's graduation ceremony which will take place this coming Friday, June 3. It feels so natural to be back here where we have lived for so many years! We are having a wonderful time!
Here are a few pictures taken as we were about to land in Zurich, Switzerland.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Today was graduation day at the Air Force Academy. We saw the fly by at Tim's workplace, but my friend Lindy was in a much better location and captured the following three great shots which I have borrowed from her! Thanks for sharing Lindy!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Celebrity Sighting!

We were catching flights out of Indianapolis last Sunday, the day after Luke's graduation, and Boeing was interviewing volunteers in the airport who were willing to answer some questions and possibly be in their upcoming promo ad. They were asking people about their experience with flying, what they would improve, etc... They are manufacturing a new plane, and they wanted customer feedback on how to improve planes, flying, etc... They asked Tim if he would be willing to be interviewed and he agreed. He was actually the perfect candidate because he has done so much international traveling. They were very grateful for his helpful input. Maybe we will see him in a Boeing ad someday!

Time with Family in Ohio

We are back home from a wonderful week of visiting family - first stop was Ohio and time with Tim's parents in Stow. Our time together was short but sweet.

Two beautiful people inside and out!

We are very grateful for Jack, Tim's brother, who has become one of dad's main caregivers along with mom's 24/7 care. Both Jack and mom are an incredible example to us, reflecting the love of Christ as well as an unselfish and very giving servant's heart.

Tim's nephew Pete and Tim's brother Tom.

Pete and fiance Tina.

This is where Tim grew up and it is the most beautiful house on Stow Road in my opinion!

Good-bye to Taylor University

After Ohio, we drove to Indiana to attend Luke's graduation from Taylor University. It was a bittersweet time as Luke packed up four wonderful years of his life.
We were so happy that Tyler could come from Texas. What a treat to all be together!

Luke's home for the past four years, Samuel Morris Hall on Taylor campus.

Luke and the other seniors from his major who graduated with a BA in Art.
Also in the picture are his Art Department profs who hosted a brunch the day before graduation for this talented group. We are very grateful for these men and women who have invested their time and expertise into Luke's life.

Luke's Graduation Day - Saturday, May 21, 2011

Two of Luke's favorite professors. Faculty are part of the processional during Taylor graduation.

Waiting to receive diploma! There were a total of 491 graduates who received their diploma, so the ceremony took a long time! Whew! But we all survived!

Almost Luke's turn!

Alison is a BFA grad, so we had to take a BFA shot!

Hannah and Tyler graduated together from BFA.