Saturday, March 31, 2007

Feeding 400 ICEC delegates

Serving lines for our first meal.

This is what it looks like to feed 400

Delegates visiting over supper. That's Bill and Melanie Dunham - old friends from Stow, Ohio - now they serve with us at BFA.

Conference worship band.
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Luke's portrait of Mr. Derksen

Luke used oil pastels to make this drawing of Dick Derksen, BFA staff member.

The Art 3 class all had to try the same portrait. That's Nadine's work on the right.
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Internation Christian Educators Convention

Sandee helps to register hundreds of delegates

Today is a very busy day at BFA
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Friday, March 30, 2007

Latest report from the Romania trip

BFA Romania Mission trip Report #1
Our son, Luke, is a part of this team.

We made it safely to Marga! Flights went smoothly, we met up with Adam in Vienna, and the team is in really good spirits. Stephanie cannot stop talking about a really cool conversation with a Romanian believer on our flight from Vienna to Timisoara, and the Marga village kids had excited smiles as we drove through town. We got to play an impromptu game of street soccer with a couple of them and ran through our mime this evening.

Tonight, the students initiated a sharing/prayer session and are doing an amazing job of encouraging and challenging one another already. I am so impressed and challenged myself by your kids.

Tomorrow morning, we will be prepping for our first afternoon of VBS. Saturday morning, we will be going on a hike with kids and coming back to our second afternoon of VBS. Tonight, our students prayed that they will be open to "being" rather than "doing" and are beginning to change their perspective on how "together" our program should be. I think we're experiencing the yawns of trusting Father for the week ahead.

Please ask Father for good rest and energy for our team and for the continued ability to pour out into these kids. Ask Him to hold back forces that have prevented kids from attending VBS in the past and that their hearts would be open to hearing about the Good News.

Ask Him that we might be an encouragement also to Phil, Adinela, and David -- our contacts here in Marga. They have been very helpful and hospitable and are obviously in love with our Father and these kids.

Thank you for joining with us. Your Asking is coveted.

Suzanne and Matt

Friday, March 23, 2007

It snowed some more!! Scroll way down to see what it was like last week - sunny and warm!

Sandee's great photos taken today.

We finally got snow in Germany and it's March!!
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Can you believe this? Part 2

Sandee took all of these pictures. Winter finally came to Germany.

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Can you believe this? Part 2

Pictures from Sandee.

There's BFA covered in snow.

Sandee's walk in the forest.
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Can you believe this? Part 2

Sandee's pictures of Kandern - taken today

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Can you believe this? part 2 Sandee took all of these pictures

Overlooking Kandern

Center of Kandern.

That's our house right in the middle.

This morning at BFA

Kids going to high school

Morning staff prayer meeting lead by Tony Olson
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Can you believe this part 2

Taken this morning out our back window.
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Thursday, March 22, 2007


Luke and his scarf - "KD"
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Today at BFA

Two students sharing a few pointers between classes.

Abby and Tim caught at lunch time.

Middle School PE class. Mr. Evans is just starting class.

Today we had our weekly admissions meeting. Shelia Lewis, Judy Thompson, and Bill Bateman join me in my office to consider all new applications for BFA. How do you like my tablecloth? Would you like one?
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Today at BFA

Phil Storrs, a 2000 graduate of BFA, spoke to my class today. Phil is a set designer in Hollywood, currently pursuing a Master degree at UCLA in set design. Wow, that's so cool.

A lunch table of senior classmen and women. Ms. Thomas is there too, one of their math teachers.

Johann Moon studying diligently at lunch time.

More of our BFA kids relaxing between classes.
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