Friday, October 31, 2008

Fall Fair in Basel, Switzerland

Every fall during Basel's Herbstmesse(Fall Fair) BFA invades the city for an evening. This happened last night, a very chilly evening, but we had so much fun!
The best part of the evening was hanging out with Tim......and with a whole lot of BFA students!

I wanted to take a picture of Alyssa and Becky, two of our amazing Art teachers(both graduates of Taylor University where Luke is attending) and they insisted that Tim come in the picture with them!! It is a blessing to have them at BFA!

The highlight of the evening is when our school converges at the bumper cars at 7:00 pm. This has become a yearly tradition. Here is one of our dorm dads with David, a senior at BFA.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

It snowed last night! Beautiful!


I spent time in 7 of them on this trip - Zurich, Chicago, Indianapolis, Denver, Edmonton, Ottawa, Montreal! I like airports sometimes, especially when they are taking me home! I love "people watching" in airports. And I like Tim Hortons of course!


I am very thankful to God for my precious family. It was wonderful to spend time with some of them on this trip. Here is my brother Dan and his wife Paulette. Dan was like my hero growing up, I think because he was the only brother still living at home so the one I got to know the best. He spoiled my twin sister and I(in a good way of course)! I remember feeling so proud to hang out with him!

My niece Sharon, her husband Mike and their two adorable kids - Ciaran and Ceilidh

My brother Bill and his wife Carol - Thanks for giving up your Sunday afternoon to visit with me! You made my day!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Returning to my roots - Part II

Below are a collage of pictures taken on our old farm and also some from the surrounding countryside.....
This is the farm where I grew up - we always had a large pond by our farm - this year it is bigger than ever!

This is the latest method of storing grain - its called a grain bag. Much cheaper than a grainery I imagine! These "plastic tubes" are huge!

Old abandoned school near our farm

Closer view of the grain bag

Our pond (also called a slough but I think pond sounds much nicer!)

Geese flying over our pond. This flock was huge - the picture shows a small portion of them! They made the most amazing noise!

Prairie sunset

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Visiting my roots.......

I am now in Canada, my home and native land! Visiting my family in Saskatchewan.

I took this picture while driving - it wasn't too dangerous - not a car in sight and a very typical, straight and rather boring stretch of highway!

Welcome to Saskatchewan!

Main street in Luseland, my home town! Taken at rush hour!

While I was out walking around town this morning the train came by so I quickly took a picture. I am lucky to have captured it because it was only three cars long!

I grew up on a farm which was on a dirt road 9 miles from Luseland. I like the dust blowing(behind a vehicle) in this picture because that is a vivid memory of my growing up years.

Church steeple on the United Church

The main purpose of this trip was to visit my 92(93 in November) year old mother. It is wonderful to be with her again and to spend a few days together. My twin sister, Sherri, came as well for a brief visit. Her and I had a very short but sweet time of catching up after not seeing each other for 3 years.
Here's me, my mom, and my twin.....

Sherri and I

Do we look like twins?!

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