Sunday, May 30, 2010

Afternoon Escape

Yesterday afternoon I was more than ready for a break from sorting and packing, so me and my camera went on a long (and wonderful!) walk.


See our house? Furthest red roof to the left in the foreground. The long red roof closest to the bottom left side of the picture is our local golf club. Our house is behind that.

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Tim is home from the hospital and slowly convalescing. He is very tired and resting lots. His elbow is still quite swollen but the swelling is decreasing. Please pray for a speedy recovery and no further infection - in less than two weeks he will be shaking the hands of approximately 75 BFA graduating seniors. He wants to feel well for that important day.
We are feeling a rather overwhelmed right now, and I am a little discouraged. Tim is laid up and unable to help around the house because of what happened this week. There is much to do with packing, painting, etc.., and I am trying to get as much done as possible before my kidney surgery in two weeks.
We also were shocked to discover that Tim's hospital bill will likely be around $7000-$8000 (for a two night stay). Our insurance will cover part of this but there is a portion that we will have to pay which we just don't have the money for especially because of our upcoming move. For all of our years of serving at BFA, God has always met our needs. And so we are trusting Him for another miracle! Pray that I will rest in Him and not fret.
We are so grateful that Luke is here. He was helping me yesterday with packing boxes. I was giving Tim a bad time because he was sitting on the couch watching us - with his arm propped up on pillows, sipping coffee from his Starbucks mug. Mr. Supervisor! Not by choice I can assure you!! He is frustrated that he cannot do more, but he needs to keep his elbow elevated and still for the time being.
Thanks to all of you for standing with us!

Tim is very thankful that he didn't have surgery on his right elbow! At least he can still draw!

Not a pretty sight! Too bad he doesn't have a "war story" to go with this wound. Doctors are still mystified as to what caused this.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

An Unexpected Turn of Events

Tim is in the University Hospital in Basel, Switzerland, recovering from very unexpected surgery last night. On Monday (which was a holiday here) we were sorting and packing some more boxes when Tim's left elbow started swelling and hurting. As the day wore on it got worse. Yesterday morning Tim woke with a fever. That caused a lot of consternation to our BFA doctor who came right over to our house to examine Tim. Long story short - after many tests throughout the day in the hospital, the surgeon told Tim that this needed to be tended to immediately because he had a bad infection in his elbow. Last night the infected area, the bursa (look it up online) was removed. Luke and I went to visit him this morning. He is feeling better today but still has pain. We are hoping that he can come home tomorrow. Thanks for praying for a quick recovery and for no further complications.
And yes! Luke is home which we are thrilled about!!! His homecoming was rather anti-climatic for him, because he was hoping to see both his mom AND his dad at the airport! But Tim was on his way to the hospital while I was on my way to the airport!
This is the view out of Tim's hospital room. He is on the 6th floor.
Very swollen arm!

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Monday, May 24, 2010


Taken last night while on a walk near our house.

We live beside this dorm (and help out there).

We live beside our town's beautiful golf course!