Sunday, January 30, 2011


Tim just returned from a trip to Texas. He attended and spoke at an ACSI convention in Galveston. The city reminded Tim of Venice only because it is on an island.

After the convention Tim took a quick side trip to Longview (you MIGHT find it on a map!) to visit Tyler at LeTourneau University. He really enjoyed his time with him especially since this was the first opportunity he had to visit Tyler at college.

Tyler is majoring in Air Traffic Control. This is Tyler's favorite classroom, an ATC simulator that simulates an airport tower. Tim counted 35 computers that run this!

Tyler's friend Ben, from BFA, is majoring in flight. Ben was at the airport when Tyler and Tim were there, because he was putting in some flying time. Whenever LeTourneau students in the flight program go up on a flight, they have to dress up. I think that is pretty impressive, don't you?

Flying into Colorado Springs - Pikes Peak in the background. We have no snow here - even Pikes Peak has very little snow, but its coming this week according to the weatherman.

Our house is in this picture. Middle and a little to the right!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Thoughts on Transition

Someone asked me the other day to give six words that describe our transition from BFA back to the States. This was a good challenge for me because it helped me to take time to reflect. After pondering for awhile this is what came to mind:

Anticipation – Tim and I both knew without a doubt that moving to a new ministry with ACSI was God’s plan for us. He continued to confirm this leading up to our departure from BFA and then after we arrived here. When you know that God is in it, that is something to get excited about! And so we even though our hearts were torn in leaving Germany, we were eager to begin a new adventure back in the U.S. Tim was looking forward to his new role with ACSI, and it has proven to be a great fit for him. This anticipation continues after being here for six months as we look forward to His plans for us in the coming months.

Gratitude – We are very grateful for friends who welcomed us with open arms the minute we arrived in Colorado Springs. They had a huge impact in helping to make our transition easier. They continue to care about us and we love spending time with them. We are also thankful for colleagues from Tim’s workplace and other people who have been so kind in welcoming us, helping us unload our container when it arrived, and checking up on us to make sure we’re doing okay.

Flowers welcoming us to our new home

Some of the helpers who unloaded our container

Pain – I had major kidney surgery shortly before we said good-bye to Germany. My recovery took much longer than anticipated, complicated by infections, etc.. This made my transition very discouraging at times because I was not feeling well and was therefore unable to participate in activities that I really wanted to. I had to learn to slow down and rest and give myself time – this was difficult in the midst of trying to say proper good-byes to people and places in Europe and
trying to set up our home here. Tim also had very unexpected emergency surgery less than two months before we left Germany. I am glad we weren't in the hospital at the same time!

Wonder – We miss the beauty of Germany, especially the lush green everywhere. However, we are continually amazed by God’s creation that surrounds us in Colorado. It’s astounding really! We enjoy hiking on weekends, and it seems that every new trail we venture out on offers something new and diverse. We find ourselves saying “Wow!” a lot! How amazing it is to see the Front Range and Pikes
Peak every time we leave our house.

Sadness – We love living here! But from time to time we are “hit” with pangs of homesickness for Germany. Usually this is triggered by viewing photos from BFA that we see on facebook or else an event that is happening over there that we are painfully aware we are missing out on. The Christmas markets, for example. We rarely purchased anything from them, but the ambiance they create is truly delightful. We miss celebrating New Years Eve in Kandern. The whole town comes alive at midnight and our family enjoyed being a part of that, shooting off our own fireworks/bottle rockets/ sparklers, etc.. And we greatly miss the constant interaction that we had with the students who make Black Forest Academy the most amazing school on the planet!

Christmas in Strasbourg and Basel

Fireworks in Kandern on New Years Eve

Some of our favorite destinations in Europe - Adelboden, Rothenburg, Cinque Terre.

Overwhelmed – We have felt this repeatedly, first at BFA leading up to our departure. We were overwhelmed by BFA’s kindness to us in honoring our years of service there. We were overwhelmed by sadness in saying good-bye to people and places we loved. I was very much out of my element trying to navigate Colorado Springs when we first moved here! I found the streets and roads very confusing. Tim and I continue to be amazed and humbled - overwhelmed by God’s grace that He has literally showered on us time and time again since moving here. We are blessed beyond measure!
My small group helped with hosting at our BFA farewell.

View of the Swiss Alps the morning we flew to the States

Friday, January 21, 2011

Whit's End

We have been in Colorado Springs exactly six months (we arrived on July 22, 2010), and today I finally visited Focus on the Family and Whit's End. I wish that Luke and Tyler could have been with me. It would have been a lot more fun!
I am reminded of the 100's of hours of listening to Adventures in Odyssey that happened for a lot of years - in our home, in the car on road trips, on airplanes - what great and wholesome entertainment that provided for our family!

My favorite G. Harvey painting - on display at Focus on the Family.

Another favorite.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Meet Martha!

Meet my new kitchen helper, lovingly dubbed Martha by my friend, Diane. Unknown to me, Tyler won this beautiful Kitchen Aid in a Lowes contest shortly before Christmas. I was completely shocked (and utterly delighted!) when I opened this on Christmas morning. THANK-YOU, TYLER!
Today I made bread with it for the first time. How nice to let Martha do the work for me!
P.S. I did not adjust the recipe to high altitude, even though we live at the same altitude as Engstligenalp which is above the mountain town of Adelboden, Switzerland (8600 ft). In fact I have not adjusted any recipes when baking, and everything seems to turn out fine!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

German Bakerei

If you haven't lived in Germany you won't appreciate this blog.
Tim and I visited a popular Germany bakery in Colorado Springs this morning. It made us homesick. It was so weird to hear people speaking German with real authentic German accents, and to see German everywhere in the store, even German magazines. The best part of course was the German baking, especially the pretzels!! Its a good thing the bakery is quite far from our house otherwise we would likely frequent it too often!