Sunday, January 30, 2011


Tim just returned from a trip to Texas. He attended and spoke at an ACSI convention in Galveston. The city reminded Tim of Venice only because it is on an island.

After the convention Tim took a quick side trip to Longview (you MIGHT find it on a map!) to visit Tyler at LeTourneau University. He really enjoyed his time with him especially since this was the first opportunity he had to visit Tyler at college.

Tyler is majoring in Air Traffic Control. This is Tyler's favorite classroom, an ATC simulator that simulates an airport tower. Tim counted 35 computers that run this!

Tyler's friend Ben, from BFA, is majoring in flight. Ben was at the airport when Tyler and Tim were there, because he was putting in some flying time. Whenever LeTourneau students in the flight program go up on a flight, they have to dress up. I think that is pretty impressive, don't you?

Flying into Colorado Springs - Pikes Peak in the background. We have no snow here - even Pikes Peak has very little snow, but its coming this week according to the weatherman.

Our house is in this picture. Middle and a little to the right!

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