Thursday, January 20, 2011

Meet Martha!

Meet my new kitchen helper, lovingly dubbed Martha by my friend, Diane. Unknown to me, Tyler won this beautiful Kitchen Aid in a Lowes contest shortly before Christmas. I was completely shocked (and utterly delighted!) when I opened this on Christmas morning. THANK-YOU, TYLER!
Today I made bread with it for the first time. How nice to let Martha do the work for me!
P.S. I did not adjust the recipe to high altitude, even though we live at the same altitude as Engstligenalp which is above the mountain town of Adelboden, Switzerland (8600 ft). In fact I have not adjusted any recipes when baking, and everything seems to turn out fine!


Rus said...

That bread looks so good I can almost smell it in North Carolina!

(We've got a KitchenAid it!!!)

Spencer and Michelle said...

I have a "Martha" too ( I even have the same nickname! )
That bread looks divine... I think I might make a loaf!

Diane and Howard Smid said...

my Martha and i baked bread yesterday as well, Love that wonderful machine ues her almost daily. Tyler you are the perfect child for getting your Momma such a spectacular gift

Lindy said...

Oh my word that looks SO good! My mixer is about to die, and I have one of those on my wish list! What a nice son you have!! Hope to see you soon. Maybe we could have coffee on a Tuesday morning while my kids are all occupied?

Anna Dunn said...

OHHHHHHHH Sandy, how much I miss this good baked bread! This looks amazing.