Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Protesters make a scene at BFA!

On Monday morning Tim called me from school sounding rather serious and discouraged. He said, "Well, there are a bunch of students protesting at BFA this morning."
Protesting? What in the world are they protesting, I asked him? I was trying to imagine what they might be "marching" against.
Then he told me that it was Palmgarten dorm - the girls dorm where we sub at. They were protesting our leaving BFA! Check out their creative signs! Wow! This actually made Tim and I very sad. How can we leave this wonderful place?!
Each "protester" wore a tie around their heads to honor Tim who wears a tie almost everyday.

Double click on these pictures so you can read the signs more clearly.

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Jesse and Doris Frank said...

Do you feel loved or what???