Friday, November 20, 2009

BFA Thanksgiving

Last night was Thanksgiving in the residences at BFA. We always celebrate each year in between Canadian and American Thanksgiving (with one grand meal instead of two!). Since we sub at Palmgarten dorm, we were invited to share a wonderful dinner with them. I helped with decorating as well as with baking. We had a great evening together with the 19 girls who live at Palmgarten, 4 dorm staff, and other invited guests.

Dorm dad with Krista and Katey.

Little Katie!

Lizzy and Krista proving how stuffed they were!

All of the residents of Palmgarten!

The amazing and wonderful staff of Palmgarten! Luke and Stephanie in the middle are the dorm parents. Lizzy and Bonnie are RA's.

Cream eating contest

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