Saturday, November 14, 2009

Masks and Drama

The H1N1 virus has come to BFA. In hopes of trying to contain it and send it on its way, Tim and his administrative team made the decision to close down BFA for 4 days. This means that on Saturday and Sunday, dorm students are quarantined to their respective residences and the same goes for Monday and Tuesday as school has been cancelled.
This weekend is our annual school play. Because of the many hours of preparation that have gone into it, and because of parents flying in to see their son or daughter perform, it was decided that the play would go on. However, all attendees would be required to wear masks.
Tim and I attended the drama performance last night. Our students did an amazing job in acting out "Said the Spider to the Spy", an hilarious mistaken identity comedy. Below you will see a few snapshots from the play as well as some of the masked guests.

At the end of the performance Tim was presented with a token of appreciation from the cast for letting the show go on (and not canceling it) - a surgical mask signed by each of the cast

Can you tell that we're smiling for the camera?!

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