Sunday, December 09, 2012

Christmas Cake

I baked fruitcake (Christmas cake sounds better) this past week, the first of my Christmas baking. 
I love fruitcake - maybe because I am Canadian. However, I know that the majority of people don't like it. You might have heard this before.....that "There is only one fruitcake in the world, and it gets passed from one person to another because no one really likes it."
My fruitcake is not quite traditional. I leave out the candied fruit stuff (except cherries, which, I know, is already pushing it!), and I add a whole lot of pecans. Maybe you would like my version, but it's okay if you don't!
I remember when fruitcake used to be the traditional wedding cake in Canada. We had a tiered cake at our wedding back in '87, and only the top tier was fruitcake (the other two layers were styrofoam covered with frosting! Guests were served sheet cake that was decorated with our wedding colors.
Before the wedding we wrapped fruitcake as take-home favors for our wedding guests. I wonder how much of it was actually eaten and how much of it was "disposed of"!


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