Saturday, December 08, 2012

Beauty from Ashes

This afternoon we took a drive to the area of Colorado Springs, not far from our home, where 364 homes were lost in the Waldo Canyon fire this past summer. We were surprised and encouraged to see how much progress has been made since we last visited. The rubble from most, if not all of the destroyed properties has been removed. Many new homes are in the process of being built.

Sun setting on the mountains. You can see the burn scar along the top of the mountain and the scorched trees partway down the mountain. In this part of town, the fire did not come down the mountain, but a little further north the "fire storm" moved down the mountain at a great speed (65 mph wind gusts) and "bounded" into the city. It was at that point when many homes were lost.

Three homes destroyed. Three new homes being built. And there are many more new homes being built in the neighborhood where once there was rubble.

Backyard fence is still standing. The house is gone.

Having lunch on someone's front yard as we drove by!

The deer in Colorado Springs are so tame. I opened the car door to try to make one of the deer stop eating and lift his head so I could take a picture. He didn't even budge - just kept chomping! :)

This poor guy must have been in a head-to-head combat (or rack-to-rack combat)!

The house was lost in the fire. The front steps are still intact.

These normally green ponderosa pine (in the foreground) were completely scorched in the fires, but they're still standing and will hopefully make a comeback. Mountain in the background is completely burned.

I love this sign! It stands in a development that lost a number of homes (there used to be homes in the background). To the right of this sign is a beautiful home that is being built where once there was ashes.

All the homes in this development, except for the one to the far left, were destroyed in the fires. Our friends lived here, and they lost everything including the SUV in their garage, because they were on vacation and weren't here to remove any items when the pre-evacuation notice was given. Now this community is being re-built. This picture shows the first house going up!

Flying W Ranch once stood behind these scorched hills. It was completely destroyed.

Many homes were lost in this neighborhood including our missionary friends' home. There is nothing left, but the trees still remain. They are very scorched, but we'll see what wonders spring will bring! Perhaps they will revive! We saw new homes being built here as well!

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