Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Wedding Rehearsal and Lunch/Picnic in the Park

Luke and Andrea are on their honeymoon and meanwhile I am trying to process what just happened to our family this past weekend! The wedding was wonderful in every way, and now we have precious memories to take with us. I am about to post a lot of pictures, because I don't know which ones to delete! Let's begin!
Some pictures from the rehearsal..........
Andrea's dad rehearsing the ceremony with Luke.


 Bridesmaid (Andrea's cousin) with her daughter (the flower girl)

 Grandma having a little pep talk with adorable flower girl, Alianna.

Timo, Luke's good friend from BFA. They have been friends going back to when they began 1st grade together. Timo lives in London, England, and flew from there to be one of the groomsmen in Luke's wedding.

 Rehearsal lunch in the park by Lake Michigan. We ate Chicago's famous Giordano's pizza  (and other good stuff).

Kevin and his beautiful wife, Jocelyn. Kevin is Luke's good friend and an incredible musician. He provided the music at the wedding ceremony.

 Luke and Timo.

 Luke and Andrea with her sisters.

 Happy couple Tyler and Jennifer three months later! It was so great to spend time with them over the weekend. They were on fall break so were able to stay for two extra nights after the wedding.

Luke with 6 of his 7 groomsmen - all graduates of Black Forest Academy (proof of how deep and long-lasting BFA friendships are).

 Kevin and Luke.

 Luke with his soon-to-be wife and her crazy fun sisters!

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