Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Some very special people

Thank-you, Jesse and Doris, and Sharla and Shawna for coming from Germany and the east coast and the west coast to celebrate Luke and Andrea's wedding with us. It meant so much to all of our family to have you present. You, more than anyone in our whole extended family, had a great impact and influence on Luke and Tyler's growing up years because of our many years together at BFA. You were there for their births, when they learned to walk, their first day of Kindergarten, their first day of school, their high school graduation. We shared Christmases and Birthdays and you babysat countless times. You even taught them how to tie their shoes! :) We are very grateful to God for the blessing of YOU! (Doris is my sister, Luke and Tyler's aunt, and Sharla and Shawna are Luke and Tyler's cousins).

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Jonathan Harris said...

Congratulations on this wonderful event!