Saturday, June 06, 2009

Congratulations, Tyler!

Yesterday Tyler graduated from Black Forest Academy. He was part of the largest graduating class ever!

Waiting for the grad march to begin.......

Tim had the privilege of giving tributes to and shaking the hands of 78 seniors. This took quite a long time - over an hour - but we think it is really important to honor each of these very special people! When it was Tyler's turn, Tim had to pause for awhile because it was - well - a very tender and rather emotional moment. That's when I lost it (and so did others in the audience!). We love you, Tyler Joshua Shuman! We are so proud of you!

Officially graduated! Reason to celebrate!

The aftermath

A collage of photos from the receiving line and grad reception

Tyler's friend since grade 1

Endless signing of yearbooks - a very big deal at BFA!

Tim with colleagues and former colleagues

Tyler's first grade teacher, Mrs. Schmidt

A large part of our graduating class are Asians. They wanted Tim to join them in this picture!

Tyler with his mortarboard tassle.

We are thankful that Luke could be here in Germany to help celebrate his favorite brother's special day!

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