Saturday, June 06, 2009

Awards night at BFA

Awards night at BFA takes place the evening before graduation. This happened two nights ago and included some great musical performances from our students. A number of students were also acknowledged for outstanding achievement.

Cameron - Outstanding Female Athlete

Kingsley - Outstanding Male Athlete

The Master's Commendation Award was give to Glenn and Shelia, residence life supervisors. They are leaving BFA and will be sorely missed.

The Longevity Award is given each year to any student who has attended BFA for all twelve years or most of grades 1 - 12. This year four students received this award.
Phil has been here for all 12 years!

Tim asked Tyler, Yoel, Lindsey, and Phil if they had any memories they wanted to share from Grade 1. Here, Lindsey is ratting on Tyler and telling a story of when Tyler kissed her during recess in 1st Grade!

Longevity Award to Tyler (11 years at BFA), Yoel (10 years at BFA), Phil (12 years at BFA) and Lindsey (11.5 years at BFA)

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