Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Hanging Lake, CO.

We had to rise very early, before the dawn, and drive from Keystone to Hanging Lake in order to unsure a parking spot. It fills up very quickly, because Hanging Lake is a very popular hiking destination in Colorado.

Hiking up to the lake. We followed a creek most of the way.

Hanging Lake and waterfalls.

 Above Hanging Lake is a waterfall coming out of the rock and called Spouting Rock. It is a very cool spot, in fact I found it even more fascinating than Hanging Lake. There is a cave behind the Spouting Rock falls, where these pictures were taken.

Spouting Rock.

We drove through Glenwood Canyon to get to Hanging Lake.  A very scenic and breathtaking drive.

A very strenuous hike up to Hanging Lake - steep and very rocky. Much easier coming down!

 Glenwood Canyon.

 The drive home. The landscape was constantly changing.

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