Thursday, September 10, 2015

Crater Lake and beyond

After watching the sun rise on Maroon Bells for the second time (we were here two days ago, and after that experience we had to come back), we hiked up to Crater Lake again this morning. It was much easier going this time. The rocks were dry, unlike our previous hike when it was so muddy. We rested at Crater Lake and then hiked further into the mountains for almost two miles. What a great morning!
This little alpine creature is called a pika. Pikas live at altitudes above 11,000 feet. They are able to survive cold temperatures because of their thick coat.

The trails were mostly dry today which made for much easier and much quicker hiking.

Looking down on Crater Lake in the distance.

Coming back down to Maroon Bells Lake after our long hike. We did an approximate 6 mile loop this morning. Time for a nap!

 The aspens are just starting to turn.

Good-bye Maroon Bells! We can't wait to come back. Like Tim said, "I think we might have found our new Adelboden!"

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