Saturday, January 03, 2015

Ellis Island

Tim's Grandma landed here when she first arrived in America.

She, along with 1,000's of other immigrants, entered this great hall called The Registry Room, and waited for her name to be called.

Another view of the hall from the upper level.

 View of the mainland from Ellis Island.

 Model of Ellis Island.

After being inspected, Grandma walked down these very stairs as did every other immigrant. Those who were told to walk down the left-hand side indicated that they had been issued tickets to New York. Those who were asked to to walk down the middle had been refused entry and had to return to their home country. Those immigrants who were heading west went down the right side of the stairs. These would have been the stairs where Grandma walked down since she was heading to Ohio where her brother (her sponsor) lived. Tim and Luke walked the very steps that Grandma walked down!

Quotes from some of the immigrants. This quote in particular was very sobering........."When we found ourselves at last taken away, death was more preferable than life." Many immigrants came to America to escape extreme hardship in countries such as Russia. Imagine making the long, difficult journey in overcrowded boats with little food to eat, but filled with hope at the possibility of a new life in America - only to be refused entry. How tragic and heartbreaking for them!

Taking the ferry back to New York.

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