Saturday, May 10, 2014


I have been thinking about Mother's Day tomorrow, and my mom, my amazing extended family, and my kids who are too far away! I dug out some old albums and found some treasures..............this reminded me of two summers ago when we evacuated our home here in Colorado Springs because of the terrible fires that were encroaching on the city. Tim was gone on a trip, but I was so thankful that Luke was here at the time. He helped me decide what to load in our two vehicles to take with us. At that time, I learned a valuable lesson about what "things" are really important. It's not the clothes and the furniture or the knick knacks. It's the old journals, the old letters, certain pictures on the wall, and the old photo albums, of which we have a lot! They all got hauled out and loaded in a safe place. Most important is the treasure of my family. How thankful I am to God for each of them and that He watches over us!
P.S. The Lego also got evacuated!

Some of the "treasures" that I scanned today.........

Grandpa (my dad) with Tyler.

Grandma (My mom) with Tyler.

Uncle Dan (my brother) showing Luke the newborn kittens.

A favorite memory of Tyler when he was a baby - playing with his ear while he sucked on his finger.

Daddy's eyes.

Tyler had no fear, because his dad was holding him!

 Calgary skyline.

My loves.

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