Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Rotunda of Mosta

The cathedral in Mosta. It is commonly known as the Rotunda of Mosta. It is the fourth largest unsupported dome in the world and the third largest in Europe. On April 9, 1942, during World War II, on an afternoon air-raid, a 200 kg Luftwaffe bomb pierced the dome (two others bounced off) and fell among a congregation of more than 300 people awaiting early evening mass. It did not explode. Its replica is now on display at the back of the church under the words Il-Miraklu tal-Bomba - The Miracle Bomb.

A painting in the rotunda that fascinated us. I am trying to find the story behind it online.

 The spot in the dome where the bomb came through.

A replica of the bomb.

A very important part of our afternoon!


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