Sunday, December 08, 2013

A Pretty Good Story

Back in September Tim received an email from a lady in Poland who works for a Foundation that offers marriage workshops to couples, with the goal of equipping them to look after their love in everyday life, so that it will grow.
In one of the workshop activities, the couples are asked to arrange a puzzle in a certain way which aims at showing an aspect of mutual respect. This workshop presenter discovered Tim's sketches on his blog and asked is she could use some of them to make into puzzles for her workshop activity. Tim was happy to let her use them. Following the workshop she wrote to Tim to thank him and to let him know that his "picture puzzles" were a huge success. She also sent photos to show Tim how she had used his drawings.
How wonderful that these drawings could be used in this way to bless others!

Some of Tim's drawings which she used. She printed them up and then laminated them before cutting them into puzzle shapes.


Couples working on piecing the puzzle together.

Couples who attended the marriage workshop.

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