Saturday, July 20, 2013

Leadersip Academy

Tim and I are currently attending ACSI Leadership Academy, which includes a 3 night stay at beautiful Cheyenne Mountain Resort in Colorado Springs, just 7 miles "down the road" from our house. It is wonderful being here and interacting with Christian educators from around the world.

 View from our room.

Another view from our hotel room.

Beautiful afternoon rain shower.

Night view from our room.

ACSI President's dinner with our new president Dan and his wife.

Jon Bauer, well-known Canadian Christian artist is leading worship at our conference.

Anna-Marie from South Africa, reading Scripture in Afrikaans - so beautiful!

Two former Stow boys.

Educators attending the conference from France, Nigeria, Hungary, and USA/Germany!

Christian school educators from Germany and Hungary who attended the conference. We had an opportunity to practice speaking German once again and discovered that it's been too long - our German is a little rusty.

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