Thursday, June 27, 2013

Visit to DC

Tim flew to Washington, DC, on Monday for an important meeting with the State Department. While there, our niece Shawna, who is a flight attendant with United and is based in DC, toured some of the sights with him.

Back side of the Capitol.

Vietnam memorial. Part of the Vietnam wall.

Franklin D Roosevelt.

Jefferson Memorial.

Read these words of Jefferson!

Martin Luther King.

Tim, the teacher! Two different school groups on field trip outings, stopped and watched Tim sketch.

Korean Vet Memorial.

 Korean Memorial.

Vietnam Memorial.

In front of the Supreme Court. Getting ready for NBC nightly news.

Tim treated two BFA alumni (Shawna and Paul) to dinner. They chose the restaurant. Belgian food - muscles and frits! "So good" Tim says. I'm not so sure!

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Thanks for visitin'!