Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The fires are back.

Almost one year ago (June 27, 2012) we experienced a terrible firestorm in Colorado Springs, and 346 homes were lost. Yesterday, the fires came back. They are burning just north of the city in and around Black Forest. As the name implies, there are many trees surrounding the village of Black Forest. Because we are experiencing severe drought, this large forested area is a tinderbox.
Since yesterday evening many homes have been lost - at least 90 and certainly more, and the fire is still zero percent contained. Windy conditions and very low humidity have fueled the fire.
Please pray for a miracle  - rain. We desperately need it. It is not in the forecast, but God can make it happen!
These amazing pictures were taken by local professional photographer, John Skiba, who has given permission to share them. Thank you, John.

Filling up before the next drop.

DC10 lining up for a drop.

Dropping Slurry.

Army to the rescue.

I love this picture, which John titled "Saving the horses". Lots of ranches, etc., in the Black Forest region.

 Displaced antelope.


Doris said...

So, so sad! Praying for rain for Colorado! and praying that you say safe as well.

Spencer and Michelle said...

Scary! Praying for rain! Some of those photos are almost eery... Great shots.