Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sights and Sounds of Prague

Tim is currently on an accreditation visit to an international school in Prague, Czech Republic. He has been traveling a lot lately, which makes it lonely for me sometimes, but he does a great job of staying in touch with me (thanks to the internet and to Skype). He also takes pictures on his iPhone wherever he goes and forwards those as well. Isn't technology amazing? So is my husband who is in contact with me every day when he is away!
He are some "snapshots" of the city of Prague and of the school.

Street art?

Dried fish.

Room with a view. Tim's accreditation team.

Time for coffee and a quick sketch.

 A man's chair.

Prague is a beautiful city even when it rains.

Charles Bridge.

Christian International School of Prague

A genius way to help kids understand measurements!

 The door to the art classroom maybe?

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