Monday, May 06, 2013

Ivy Ceremony and Commencement Banquet

The day before graduation, LeTourneau University has two significant ceremonies to honor the senior class. In the afternoon is the cutting of the ivy.
In a reflective procession, LeTourneau graduating seniors are led by the President to a single entwined chain of ivy lying in a circle on the grass at a designated spot on campus. This is ivy that they planted as incoming freshmen. The graduates form a circle around the ivy, representing the unity they have experienced during their University years. After the circle has been formed, the actual cutting begins. The President of the University moves around the circle, silently clipping apart the ivy chain. Each student their section of the chain. Married couples retain a shared length of ivy since they will continue through life together. After the ceremony, each graduate is provided a potted ivy sprig as a memento of this special occasion. They planted themselves here four years ago and the ivy is given to them signifying that they are taking their first steps that will lead them from their alma mater to every corner of the world where they have the opportunity to continue to grow and bear fruit. This is a ceremony without words. It is done in complete silence other than a brief "Congratulations" that the President offers to each student.

Memorial grave markers honoring R.G. and Evelyn LeTourneau, founders of the University. Mr. LeTourneau is known as the man who gave 90 percent of his income to Christian causes around the world.

We attended a beautiful commencement banquet in the evening to honor the senior class.

Tyler was honored at the banquet for his high academic achievement. He graduated Cum Laude ("with honor"). Way to go, Ty!

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