Friday, March 29, 2013

Banquet evening

The International Christian Educators Conference concluded with a wonderful banquet - an evening of great food, entertainment, and fellowship.

A highlight of our trip was being able to spend time with my dear sister, Doris.

BFA staff and a work team from PA who were served us throughout the conference and at the banquet. What an amazing team!

Corinne removed all of the bouquets of tulips that decorated the tables where we ate our meals during the conference, and she replaced them with bouquets of fresh roses for the banquet. Then she took the tulips and used them the second time round, creating a beautiful arrangement on the stage for the banquet. What an amazing lady!

Mike and Loralee made it all happen. Without them and their dedication to making this the best conference ever, we would have been in big trouble!

Bill and Deb, former BFA staff, led the work team that came from PA. This team dedicated many hours of selfless service, often going unnoticed, to make this conference run smoothly and to keep everybody happy!

 A local men's choir provided some lively German entertainment.

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