Saturday, April 13, 2013

Not just another Saturday.......

This is how Tim spent his day today, before heading to the airport to begin the long journey home. He captured some amazing shots, don't you agree? Unfortunately, the pictures mistakenly have my watermark on them - my apologies!
Breakfast included fried bread, "omelette", cheese, potatoes, and fig jelly, among other treats.

Tim was treated to breakfast by one of the families from the school. They took Tim to the kitchen to show him what the cooks were making.

Dough is rolled thin and cut into tiny squares.

This lady makes thousands of these little dumplings. It has a small portion of meat and spices inside. The restaurant is famous for this.

Tim says the ladies at the restaurant love these girls - they have become like family because they often eat at this restaurant.

The old part of the city is filled with craft markets - "Really cool. Not too touristy".

Nuts, berries, and figs. Great colors and variety! They recently imported dried cranberries and they call them "foreign berries".

Welcome to the AND cafe!

 Minaret and mosque.

Old part of the city with squatter houses in the foreground.

 New part of the city.

 Airport - About to board first of 4 flights.

Air traffic control tower in Munich. Tyler, are you up there??!!

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Jim and Julianna said...

Fantastic! Love seeing these (especially the food pics)! Really neat to see those girls having a chance to help out in the kitchen. Definitely strengthens my resolve to travel to Turkey one day.