Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sights and Sounds of Bogota

Tim is in Bogota, Columbia, checking out the site of his next big international educators conference in November. El Camino Academy will be hosting the event, so he is spending time with school administrators, working on conference plans and looking at different venues.
Here are a few images he's been capturing from his time there.

Tim says the traffic is crazy! People are only allowed to drive on certain days of the week depending on the last number of your license plate. Even numbers drive one day, odd numbers the next. To beat the system many people own more than one car! I read online that......"some of the busiest avenues are rutted with potholes and clogged with illegally parked cars and impoverished recyclers who ply their trade in horse-drawn carts. As a result, traffic moves through the city “with all the elegance of snails"!


The school is adding a third floor. The staircase is ready for it!

Elementary school

Art class.

Good food (especially the beautifully carved watermelon!!).

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