Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Ceremony

It was beautiful in every way and very meaningful. The music, performed by a local harpist and Luke's good friend, Kevin, was amazing. Luke and Andrea wrote their own vows. We all sang the Doxology at the end of the ceremony. Very emotional and so wonderful! The whole service was a God-honoring, joyful celebration!
(Photo credits to my nieces Sharla and Shawna, and to my sister, Doris. Thank you for snapping up so many great memories!)

Part of the ceremony included a wonderful ritual that is used in many Hispanic cultures. It is called El Lazo and symbolizes the union and protection of marriage. An extra long strand of beads or lazo is placed in a figure eight shape around the necks of the couple after they have exchanged their vows (one loop is placed over the groom and one loop is placed over the bride). The lazo has a cross in the middle to symbolize Christ as center of the marriage. It was delivered from Guatemala shortly before the wedding. Andrea's two sisters "lassoed" the bride and groom, and then us parents joined them and Tim prayed a blessing over their marriage.

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