Saturday, September 15, 2012

Fall Drive

Early this morning we headed into the mountains west of Colorado Springs to check out the aspens changing colors. We were a little disappointed to discover that it was a little early in the season and that the peak is still a week or two away. However, we still were able to enjoy some fall colors as well as a great six mile hike and picnic in Mueller State Park.
A hazy view of the Rocky Mountains on the horizon.

 Reflections on a little mountain lake.

This farm is for sale! I think my brother Dan should sell his farm in Saskatchewan and move to Colorado! :)

Look closely and you will see a lot of black spots on the lower parts of the trunks of these aspen trees.  This is caused by wildlife (elk and deer) chewing on and eating the tree bark.

Here you can see where the bark has been "freshly chewed".

 Aspen leaves are falling!

 This is the spot where we had our picnic lunch! The view was so amazing!

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