Monday, August 20, 2012

Random acts of kindness.........

Recently a large package was delivered to our house by UPS. We knew this package was coming, because we had been asked to accept the package (it required a signature from UPS) and then deliver it to our friends.
Dougg and LeAnn are in ministry. They serve overseas the greater part of the year, counseling and encouraging missionaries in different parts of the world. Their home base is Colorado Springs where they own a home. On June 27 their home was completely destroyed in the firestorm that swept into our city. One of the "treasures" they lost in the fire was a beautiful piece of metal wall art by artist Donnie Wanner (who creates sculptures in all kinds of metal). Friends (and even friends they had never met) collected money to purchase a replica of the treasure they had lost. Donnie re-created it especially for Dougg and LeAnn.
Last night we delivered the surprise package to their house. It was very special to witness their complete shock and surprise. They were overwhelmed! Thank you to all of you who contributed even though you will likely never read this blog!

After the gift had been opened, Dougg went out to the garage (of the house they are currently renting) and came back with the sculpture that had been destroyed by fire. The verse that immediately came to my mind was Isa. 61:3 that speaks about beauty for ashes. What a perfect analogy seeing these two pieces of art side by side!

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Jesse and Doris Frank said...

Wow! What a gift! So happy for Doug and Leanne!