Monday, April 11, 2011

A week at Taylor University - Part I

I returned very late last night from a wonderful week in Indiana with Luke. I went to Taylor University to attend his senior graphic design show which happened on Friday night.
He had T-shirts made to sell at the show. Here they are if you are interested in one!

Luke silk screened "Shuman" on foil and used this as a backdrop to his table. It took many, many hours, and little sleep for him this past week! He has the patience of Job which I greatly admire in him. Below are some pictures taken during the silk screening process.





The exhibitors at the show have guest books at their tables for visitors (mostly students) to sign and make comments on their work. Mark made him a book and did a great job!
Luke and Mark are good friends, and they look a lot alike! They have been asked if they are brothers.


The finished product!
I helped Luke with the show by bringing a suitcase of baking along with me. The exhibitors had to
arrange refreshments, so I offered to bring food. I also helped him just a little bit with his backdrop, but wasn't knowledgeable enough to do much except encourage him!

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