Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Incline

This morning we hiked the incline, the ultimate challenge in Colorado Springs. You can't imagine how difficult this is unless you have done it yourself! A trail carved like a scar up the mountain and lined with railroad ties, the incline follows what was once a cable car route that closed after a rock slide in 1990.
The U.S. Olympic training center is located in Colorado Springs, and many of the athletes incorporate the incline into their workouts. As gold medalist Rulon Gardner aptly states regarding this grueling challenge, "It's not running. It's not walking. It's surviving."
The thin air in this high altitude makes the climb even more brutal. This was our first attempt. We hiked to the half way point and then took a hiking trail back down. We were exhausted and very proud of our accomplishment! Someday we shall conquer the summit!

Hiking this trail is technically illegal, but you are allowed to hike it at your own risk. Today alone, 100's of people were hiking it!

Some athletes actually run to the top!

I can do this! I can do this!

At this point on the incline, hikers can opt for what has been appropriately dubbed, the bail-out trail. Needless to say, we happily opted! This trail is loaded with switchbacks and leads back down the mountain.

Back at the bottom after our grueling workout! We high-fived and Tim rewarded me with a big kiss! Mission accomplished!


Diane and Howard Smid said...

this looks crazy, over 12 miles of incline? wow! way to go for getting to the half way point, I'm impressed.

Spencer and Michelle said...

That does not look like my idea of fun exercise. Way to go you guys.

Lindy said...

You guys are true Coloradans (Coloradoans?) now!! Either that, or you are truly crazy! :) I haven't attempted that one yet. Not sure it will ever happen!!